Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What a busy Summer!

WOW what a busy summer we've had!
Venice for the Biennale in June ... and the delights of the rialto market and this lovely market on a boat that I spotted!

July brought us Bastille Day (a drizzly one) but there was sunshine in our food with Grand Aioli, Ratatouille, Merguez Galletes, Provencal fish stew, Gateau Breton (see piccy!) and much more...

Later that month a visit to Sablet ... home to Wine,the Mistral, Tour de France .... and Pippa and Pascals wonderful holiday cottage where the afternoons were spent cooking and baking indoors as it was too hot outdoors! (see piccy of Hobby and Claudette helping make a "Tarte Reine Claude")...

Last week Ferragosto was celebrated at the Bar with No Name at 69 Colebrooke Row ...
We had a lovely buffet that included
Fennel, Mozzerella and black olives and orange salad
Fregola and Pine nut and pepper, basil tomato salad
Gorganzola and spinach Frittata
Affettati (ventricina, speck, finochiona, prosciutto cotto )
Sardines in soar (pickled in vinegar red onions and sultanas)
Orange almond and polenta cake
and Americanino cocktails all round kindly sponsered by Martini (see photo of Tony C on Martini Vespa that he didn't want to give back!)

The summer isn't over yet so we'll try and fill you in on a few new ideas and discoveries in the next couple of weeks!

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