Thursday, 23 April 2009

a few of our favourite things...

I've just got back from France and have brought some of our favourite things that one just doesn't seem to be able to get in London...

Harissa in a tube - it's so handy!
Le Petit Marseillais Savon Liquide du Cuisinier - hand soap for cooks with lemon oil to keep our dainty hands fragrant, no more weird looks for garlicky fingers! (they also make a great "Bricoleur & Jardinier" one with gritty bits)
Benedicta Lemon Mayonnaise - it just tastes of France in the 70's! mmmm those memories!
Spigol - ground spices for couscous or rice in mini sachets and great old-fashioned boxes - an essential for the kitchen store cupboard

I'll drop them by later girls!

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Boo said...

Harissa in a tube! So simple but so brilliant. The jars we have here are so less convenient. The Benedicta mayo sounds delicious. Vive la France!